Swasakesari has 15 years of the successful history of treating Common and Severe Colds, Cough, Allergies, Wheezing, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, and Bronchial Asthma.


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Swasakesari  is a flagship brand of Sri Sheshadri Ayurvedic Pharmacy.  Swasakesari  is helping people to exercise their RIGHT TO BREATH EASY since 2001, and is built upon a long lasting relief and trust of 120,000 users.

Swasakesari  is a Syrup made out of 22 WONDER herbs prescribed they most ancient life science of India, which is Ayurveda. Ayurveda  believes in treating the route cause of the illness, instead of treating only the symptoms. Swasakesari  has 15 years of successful history of treating Common and Severe Colds, Cough, Allergies,Wheenzing, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, and Bronchial Asthma.

The herbs are carefully selected to form a very efficient mixture of NATURAL Broncho-dilators and Anti-allergants.

Usually there are 2 types of medicines for Asthma, Controllers and Relievers. Controllers are to be used on a long term basis and they just keep the symptoms in control but do not act on the route cause of the illness. Unlike other forms of medicine, AYURVEDA treats the CAUSE of the illness and not just the symptoms. Ingredients of Swasakesari  act as RELIEVERS and alleviate the symptoms of Asthma from with in the body  in a short span of time. Swasakesari  keeps the asthma triggers at bay, by boosting the immunity levels. As all the ingredients used are completely NATURAL, Swasakesari  doesn´t have any side effects


  1. A)   I need to know what Swasakesari  Can I have some product information?
    Nature of the product:       Ayurveda
    Availability:                       Through website and selected Pharmacies / dealers across the world.
    Type of medicine:              Syrup (200 ml) – Thick brown colored liquid
  2. B) What is the dosage of Swasakesari ?
    Adults:                             Mix 10 ml of Syrup with 10 ml of water, Once or twice a day – ONE hour before or after the food
    (Or as directed by the physician)
    Children:                          Mix 5 ml of Syrup with 10 ml of Water, Once a day – ONE hour before or after the food
    (Or as directed by the physician)
  3. C) Are there any precautions that I have to observe while using Swasakesari ?
    Not to be taken during the pregnancy
    Not to be given to children less than 3 years
  4. D) What are the illnesses Swasakesari can treat ?
    Bronchial Asthma, Bronchitis, Allergies, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Eosinophilia, Wheezing, Cold, Cough and Running nose.
  5. E) How long should I take Swasakesari ?
    Depending on the severity of the symptoms, Swasakesari  has to be used for around 2 to 5 months.
  6. F) What can i expect from Swasakesari ?
    a) With in a week of Using Swasakesari  you will find the respiratory tract dilating and will feel light.
    b) Over the course of 2 weeks, the choking feeling in the chest and the difficulty in breathing slowly dimines.
    c) Phlegm and mucous in the respiratory tract will clear out and You will be able to breath much better.
    d) Your Peak Flow rates will be gradually improving.
    e) You will experience a big boost to your stamina.
    g) Some of the herbs used in Swasakesari  act as natural antihistamines and they dilate and open the respiratory tract.
    h) As allergy is one of the important causes of Asthma, Swasakesari  has herbs that strengthens the body from within and increases the
    immunity against the triggers of Allergy.
    i) Swasakesari  works as a Broncho-dialator and prevents, reduces the respiratory track disorders.
    j) Promotes uniform air passage in the lungs.
    k) Swasakesari  has anti-inflammatory agents that reduce the swelling of the trachea.
    l) The herbs of Swasakesari  has Anti-oxidants that boost the immunity and increase the overall health.
  7. G) What are the ingredients of Swasakesari ? Are they all natural ?
    Acorus Root, Caryophyllus Aromaticus Linn, Cissampelos Linn, Elettaria Cardamomum Linn, Piper Nigrum Linn, Zingiber Oficinale roscoe, Inula Racemoca, Cyperus Scariosus powder, Curcuma Zedoaria Rose, Alpinia Galanga Swartz , Phyllanthus Emblica Linn, Terminalia Bellirica, Piper Longum Linn, Ocimum Sanctum, Withania Somnifera Dunal, Adhatoda Vasica Nees, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, Camphor, Pudina, Lata kasturi, Madhu and Rock salt
    All the ingredients mentioned above are 100% Natural.
  8. H) Will i be completely cured of Asthma if i use Swasakesari ?
    From the history of 14 years of Swasakesari , we can say that our herbal formulation is capable of making the asthma condition very mild
    within ONE month of usage.
    In such condition the PEF – Peak Expiratory Flow rate is around 90-95% of normal.
    After 3 months of usage, you will only have to use the medicine if you get yourself exposed to Asthma triggers.
    You do not have to take the herbal formulation forever.
    Asthma and allergy respond very well to alternative health remedies such as herbal therapy, yoga etc.
  9. I) I want to know the benefits clearly.
    => Great way to ensure quick relief from Asthma attack.
    => Works as a natural Expectorant.
    => Immediate relief from chronic colds, Cough and sneezing.
    => Boosts the immunity thus preventing the probability of asthma triggers.
    => Works as a Broncho-dilator and prevent the respiratory track disorders.
    => Clears the phlegm rapidly.
    => Promotes uniform air passage in the lungs.
    => It has anti-oxidants that increases the immunity, promoters overall health.
    => Works as an Anti-inflammatory agent, reduces the swelling of the trachea.
  10. J) Where can I buy Swasakesari ?